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  • Browse and Search newsgroups without downloading headers!
  • Automatically repair and extract downloaded binaries!
  • SSL support to protect your download traffic!
  • NZB file support!
  • Easy to use and familiar looking user interface!

Latest release is GrabIt 1.7.2 ßeta 6
  Welcome to  
Welcome to

On this website you can find GrabIt, one of the easiest Usenet content downloaders in the world. With GrabIt you can search and download any content on USENET news servers, without downloading gigabytes of headers.

Browse Usenet without downloading headers!
  New revolutionary way of working with Usenet. Instead of downloading a large amount of headers, GrabIt allows you to just go to a group and browse the contents without downloading headers!
Search Usenet without downloading headers!
  Tired of downloading megabytes of headers just to see if there is anything available you want? Try the new GrabIt search and you will never use Usenet like you did before! Instantly find and download all posts on Usenet matching your search keywords!
Automatic repair and extract of downloaded binaries
  You no longer have to check, repair and extract your downloads by hand. All of these tasks will be handled by GrabIt automatically! Fill up your batch and leave your PC running. When you come back all of your downloads will be ready to be used.

You can also choose to save the downloaded files with a custom prefix and resume broken downloads. It can even shut down your computer for you when all downloads are completed. All features are controlled from an easy and intuitive interface. :: Usenet services  
Enhance your GrabIt experience!
  • Unlimited use of the GrabIt Usenet Search
    Also increases your search results to 10,000 results per search.
  • Unlimited use of the GrabIt Usenet Browser
    Also increases your binary browses to the complete available GrabIt Search retention.
  Latest news  
Jan 6th 2014
We increased the retention to 1800 days (and growing).

Happy grabbing!

May 15th 2013
We still have some hardware problems in one of the GrabIt Search servers. We tried a couple of things in the last few weeks, but can't find the cause so we are replacing the entire server somewhere in the next few hours. This can cause some downtime for the GrabIt Search service for some people. We will try to keep it short. Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: Server has been replaced and is now handling GrabIt Search requests. Thank you for your patience.

May 2nd 2013
The new servers are working better than expected. The GrabIt Search now enables you to search all Usenet posts made since January 2009. And it is doing it faster than it used to do with only 2 years of retention.To get the best out of this new speed, you should download the latest version of GrabIt available on the home page.

Apr 7th 2013
We added a few new servers into the GrabIt Search server park. This will increase the speed of the searches and will enable us to increase the search retention. We will start increasing the search retention slowly next week to see what it does with performance. If all goes well by the end of next month you will be able to search back to January 2009.

Mar 4th 2013
One of the GrabIt Search servers is having hardware problems and we need to swap out some parts. This will be done within the next two hours and we will have to take this GrabIt Search server offline for a while. This will make the GrabIt Search unavailable for some people.

So if you are unable to use the GrabIt Search at the moment, we know about it and we are working hard to get it going again.

UPDATE: The hardware has been replaced and everything is up and running again. Happy grabbing!

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